The Hive

Asset management, reimagined from the ground up.

Web3 asset

We are building what asset management will be in the decentralized world of Web3: a seamless ecosystem running on meritocracy, collective intelligence, and collective decision-making that rewards you based on the benefit you bring the community. An asset management suite that helps you outperform the market, regardless of your trading expertise.


A Defi Revolution

For DeFi to truly disrupt the billion-dollar asset management market, we need a tool that goes beyond yield farming and AMMs. Pollen amplifies and unleashes the power of prediction markets by letting the hive call the shots, signaling on virtual portfolios to directly influence asset-backed indexes, all within a single, seamless ecosystem open to everybody.


So many people spend hours each day crawling through information, sourcing knowledge, trading tips and insights. So many trading decisions are made each day across the crypto space. We harness all this to create a living, breathing, dynamically learning hive mind that feeds directly into the community-curated crypto indexes.


Separating the signals from the noise is tough in the hectic world of crypto. Pollen’s skill-based algorithms rank and reward traders according to the outcome of their decisions, with the stronger performers naturally rising to the top of the leaderboard for all to see, follow, and entrust their assets to.


We believe that the future belongs to the many, not the few. Through our native PLN token and DAO structure, we give every single participant in the Pollen ecosystem equal opportunity to earn rewards, build their reputation, and shape the future of finance. From managing virtual portfolios, through running asset-backed indexes, to governing Pollen itself – it’s all up to you.
Investors & Partners
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