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We make decentralized trading simple, safe and accessible. Open and easy for the novices; competitive and charged for the pros. Pollen Virtual Trading is for all.
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Virtual trading
competitive environment
Pollen is a decentralized virtual asset trading suite that encourages users to master their trading skills while earning token rewards and contributing back to the hive. Our mission: to offer traditional trading experiences through DeFi and virtual crypto trading. Pollen opens the door to DeFi, and makes trading fun and competitive.
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Pollen Virtual lets you create and
manage virtual portfolios for yourself
and others, earning you reputation
and PLN token rewards.

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Leagues brings teamplay into the
Pollen mix and gives you control
over who you compete with and against.

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Pollen offers traditional trading
experiences for DeFi and crypto
in a simple and safe offering.
Begin your journey, or compete
to be the best.

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Pollen integrates and encourages
community participation at every level,
including the governance of Pollen
itself via the Pollen DAO.

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Complex trading made simple, seamless, level.

Whether you engage in active trading or choose to entrust the decision-making to other Pollenators, we make it simple for you to manage your portfolio.

With its user-friendly interface, the Pollen app is designed to make even the most complex and dynamic of trading strategies effortless to execute, with rebalancing streamlined to a few toggle moves.

Providing a truly level playing field, Pollen’s reputation rankings take centrestage for all to see, making for seamless delegation and social trading, while fostering competition among peers and with the market itself.
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The Next Step in Pollen’s Evolutionary Journey

Pollen is gearing up for an exciting evolution. Our upcoming roadmap promises new product lines and groundbreaking features that will redefine decentralized trading.
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