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The future of DeFi is here,
say hello to Pollen.
Pollen is a first of its kind decentralized, next-gen index where the community holds all the power. Welcome to DeFi 2.0—A new way to interact with the financial markets of the future.
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Community Powered
Pollen is a seismic shift in the world of DeFi—A billion dollar plus market needs an asset management tool that goes beyond yield farming, and AMMs. This community powered DAO lets you call the shots, signaling on virtual portfolios to directly influence the index, unleashing the power of prediction markets and ve 3,3. Dynamic rebalancing ensures the index token is always optimized, allowing participants to securely set up their own asset pools and share them with the community—The more you participate the more you earn.
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Partners & Investors
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The Pollen Ecosystem
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Our core users are community members, who are well-versed in DeFi, and work towards shaping the indexes so that the whole community benefits. The better their virtual portfolios perform, the stronger their community standing becomes, and their influence over the indexes grows, as they earn more PLN governance tokens.
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Delegators are users who don’t have the time to maintain virtual portfolios on the platform. Instead, they can delegate their PLN to the traders based on merit i.e., traders that have benefited the community are allocated more decision-making power based on their success, which in turn benefits everyone while Delegators earn passively.
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Anyone can create their own asset pools. Users can then turn successful indexes public, earn community merit and tokens. This also opens the door for professional traders and influencers to set up groups and ‘branded asset pools; your favorite influencers get to practice what they preach, and you can come along for the ride.
Meet The Tokens
Pollen Token
Index Tokens
The PLN token’s decision-making protocol creates a sustainable, merit-based reward system by rewarding those worker bees (traders) who actively provide signals on virtual portfolios as the market changes.

As the digital assets in the portfolio see gains, the yield generated is diverted back into the community in the form of PLN tokens where traders who provide market-beating signals on virtual portfolios, and the more passive community members who delegate their PLN get rewarded accordingly.

PLN has a range of performance algorithms that build on active users' (those who provide market signals) reputations in the system and scales their power accordingly through a mix of meritocratic validation of decision-making history and token stake.
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Pollen is a permissionless protocol that allows communities to launch fully backed Asset Pools that reflect their community’s values.

Pollen asset Pool allocations are optimized, continually rebalancing to ensure that the assets in the DAO outperform the market. Index Tokens are backed by dynamically rebalanced Asset Pools designed for markets that operate 24/7.

Governance processes allow communities to launch asset pools on their terms, leveraging the collective intelligence from the Pollen protocol with the autonomy to grow, customize and develop to meet their communities needs.
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A DeFi Revolution Is Coming
We’re building the DAO of the future through collective intelligence, collective decision-making and meritocratic-based ecosystems that reward you based on the benefit you bring the community.
Collective Intelligence
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So many smart people spend hours each day crawling through treasure troves of information, on Telegram, private WhatsApp and Discord groups, subreddits, newsletters, YouTube and more, sourcing knowledge, tips and trading insights. What if there was a way to harness all this information and use it to create the ultimate DeFi Index? Now there is.
Token Darwinism
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Just like in the Animal Kingdom, the strong survive. Tokens in the Pollen DAO that aren’t performing will naturally be left behind, while stronger performers, that the collective is more bullish on— will rise to the top of the food chain. As more traders join Pollen, the collective decision making will become, more informed, and (hopefully) more profitable for everyone.
Harvesting Knowledge
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The DAO is always learning. With every good, (and bad decision), the decentralized, meritocratic-based platform gets smarter. Users can harvest that collective intelligence by buying and HODLing PLN Tokens, earning gains as the portfolio and the profits grow. Gone are the days of shuffling tokens back and forth between antiquated trading platforms - step into DeFi 2.0.
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DAO's Your Way
While the Pollen DAO will launch initially with one native portfolio, we’re excited to soon launch ‘Community DAO Portfolios’ for anyone in the crypto space. You’ll be able to join and participate in trading activities from all corners of the DeFi space and find out who the real crypto gremlins are based on TVL and gains.
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Have questions? Just need a friend? We'd love to talk and get you involved in what we're building. Get in touch and help us revolutionize DeFi.
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